Headed to Africa? Check out the advice, stories and tips I can offer after my September/October 2011 trip there, which saw me visit Egypt and Morocco, as well as famous tourist attractions like the Pyramids of Giza and the Sahara Desert.

“The Drak” has got it all: Dramatic changes in elevation; impossibly blue skies and pillowy, white clouds; lush greens, arid browns and a veritable rainbow of wildflowers and plants peppering its entire landscape. It’s the poster child for words like “unspoiled,” “pristine” and “majestic.”

If you’re on the fence about traveling to Coffee Bay, whether for the same or different reasons than I was, continue reading to see how I enjoyed my stay at The Coffee Shack.

The Wild Coast experience is more than simply befitting of the continent on which the coast sits: It’s a world unlike any I’ve ever seen.

Hostels in South Africa are among the best I’ve encountered anywhere in the world – here are four of my favorites!

f you’re backpacking in South Africa and don’t want to worry about money, safety or driving on the left side of the road, the Baz Bus is a great option for getting from point A to point B – and all the points in-between.

The first step for most South Africa travelers who make it out of Cape Town (which can be difficult, since Cape Town is fucking awesome) is The Garden Route, an expanse of coastline that stretches Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, roughly halfway along the South African seaboard. Say “molo” to my South Africa travel guide […]

I won’t lie: This post mostly consists of photos of African penguins, and me gushing about how cute they are.

With the explosion in popularity of South African wines in recent years, it would seem silly to travel all the way to South Africa without going directly to the source. Unfortunately, the process of getting to said source can be kind of a hassle.