Finally taking that trip to India? Check out the advice, stories and tips I can offer after my March and May 2009 trips there, which saw me visit the cities of Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay); the Goa beach region; Rajasthan, the Thar desert and the cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur; and the world-famous Taj Mahal.

Five Years Didn’t Change This Place Much


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I just visited one of my favorite places in the world for the first time in almost five years. Thankfully, time hasn’t changed most of what I love about it!

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The Last Place Gandhi Called Home


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The highlight of my day in Delhi was undoubtedly Gandhi Smriti or “Birla House,” the last place Mahatma Gandhi ever lived.

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What’s Is India’s “Holi” Festival?


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Imagine if a little girl ran up to you, threw brightly-colored powder at you and shouted “Happy Holi!” What would you do?

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INTERVIEW: Ashutosh of Backpackpers India


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“Many of the people who serve you,” Ashutosh explains, “whether at decent restaurants street food stalls, are so poor that working overtime is obligatory! Yet still, they go out of their way to prepare a dish outside the menu, or will gladly share a story to go with you over hot cup of Chai.”

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Just How Cheap Is India?

Jaipur India

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India is a very cheap place to travel, but if you fall victim to more than one scam — every India traveler is entitled to one scam — you will leave broke.

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It’s India Week!

Taj Mahal India

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It’s India week at Leave Your Daily Hell! If you’ve ever wanted to travel to India, this post is a great place to start.

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India’s Awe-Inspiring Chadar Trek

Chadar Trek India

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If the explorer is beckoning inside you to go to roads less travelled, Chadar Trek is what might excite your soul.

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Elephants, Forts and the Color Pink


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The list I present here is far from all-encompassing, but should provide you with ideas on how to get your Jaipur, India adventure started.

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