Photo Essays

Sometimes you want to read a blog post and other times, you just want to look at pretty pictures. Whether you want to read the stories behind my favorite travel photos or just flip through them, these posts spotlight the best of my world travel photography.

Has saying hello to a random strange ever totally altered the course of your trip?

Your view on Taiwan’s official status depends on your politics, but to me, the island is arguably more “Chinese” than China itself. Here’s why.

I hope you’ll add Turkey to your list of destinations if it isn’t already there – these pictures should help seal the deal.

I have a lot of opinions about Israel, but this time, I want to let my pictures do the talking, albeit with the goal of inspiring you to visit.

Visiting China’s Harbin Ice Festival was a surreal, magical experience – and not just because it broke one of my life’s most debilitating existential barriers.

It’s not where you go, how you go, why you go or who you go with – it’s the fact that you go at all.

I left Rwanda early – but I did not leave empty.

My recent visit to Thailand was my eighth, but I found myself surprised by how much I still had to learn from a place I thought I knew so well.