Practical Travel Advice

Whether you’re looking to save money, obtain visas or get from “Point A” to “Point B,” these travel articles assist you with the practical aspects of travel.

Even if you get everything you want for Christmas, there’s no better gift than a free trip to Rio. Enter now for a chance, courtesy of LAN Airlines.

If you’re traveling in the Far East and need a respite from your roaming, check out my recommendations for the best city breaks in Asia.

You shouldn’t underestimate the impact of your trans-Atlantic air journey on your trip to Europe as a whole.

A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend of mine reached out about the prospect of taking a trip together. “Get the tickets for us,” he instructed me, “you know, since you get paid to travel.”

Since the health of my bank account depends upon being able to find cheap flights on a regular basis, I thought I’d compile my best airfare booking practices into a post.

The bad news? Foreigners cannot buy SIM cards in Japan. The good news? There’s a workaround.

Kyoto is about carving your own path through the history, heritage and chaos, not following the established tourist trail.

In spite of how ubiquitous the city has become among travelers, it’s still possible to enjoy a trip to Barcelona that’s all your own.