Practical Travel Advice

Whether you’re looking to save money, obtain visas or get from “Point A” to “Point B,” these travel articles assist you with the practical aspects of travel.

Since the health of my bank account depends upon being able to find cheap flights on a regular basis, I thought I’d compile my best airfare booking practices into a post.

The bad news? Foreigners cannot buy SIM cards in Japan. The good news? There’s a workaround.

Kyoto is about carving your own path through the history, heritage and chaos, not following the established tourist trail.

In spite of how ubiquitous the city has become among travelers, it’s still possible to enjoy a trip to Barcelona that’s all your own.

If you feel trapped by your life, even if you don’t want to go wild traveling like I did, read on to see some of the most important things I’ve learned along my road to freedom.

Which camera is the best one for travel? Read today’s post to find answers to this and all of the other common travel photography questions I receive.

Lapland is best-known for being a winter wonderland for travelers. But Lapland is wonderful throughout the year, not just when snow is on the ground.

An unassuming man named Uwuh in Yogyakarta, Indonesian is taking on his country’s waste problem in a beautiful, amazing way. Read more about it!