Travel Essays

If there’s one thing I would change from my years as a traveler, it’s this.

Being in Africa hasn’t been a revelation as much as a reminder: Migration is really all there is.

The good news? I’m headed to Tanzania and Rwanda for the next three weeks. The better news? I’ll be sharing it all here, Internet permitting.

It was always my goal to become a digital nomad. So why, now that I have the ability to be one, do I choose not to?

I couldn’t have had a more ideal experience in Lapland if I’d custom-ordered it from the Universe.

The bad news? Poor choices got in the way of me enjoying Chile’s Atacama desert to its fullest extent. The good news? I’m giving you the chance to make up for my bad decisions.

If I could turn back time, I’d skip Armenia and make a porn with Ray-J instead.

Whether you’ve got a trip to Sighnaghi on the horizon or it’s way down your bucket list, these photos should help you make the decision as to whether the town is worth a stop on your Georgia itinerary.