Trip Ideas

Have a week — or 10 — to spare? My detailed “Trip Ideas” guides provide you with specific, travel-tested itineraries for short, medium and even long stays in countries and regions all around the world, from the Sahara desert to the tropical shores of Goa, India. Get inspired to travel like never before.

Although it’s just a few hours southwest of Hanoi, Vietnam’s Mai Chau Ecolodge feels like another world entirely. Here’s why you should stay there.

A city’s that’s at once modern and ancient, convenient but far away from the ordinary, Newcastle, UK beckons you to visit.

Has saying hello to a random stranger ever totally altered the course of your trip?

Three days in Seoul will provide you with mere impressions of the city: Panoramas of skyscrapers rolling over hills like waves of concrete and steel; flashes of neon light reflecting in rivers and streams; and aromas of Korean BBQ in the air all around you.

North Dakota isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of your next American vacation – here are 10 reasons it should be.

Three days in Kyoto is not enough time to absorb all the history and heritage the city has to offer, but it is enough to start a love affair that will keep you coming back year after year.

You could spend a whole lifetime discovering Istanbul, but if you’ve only got three days in Istanbul, I’ve got you covered.

All you need to find out if Beijing is your type of city is a taste – and you can get a sumptuous sampling of China’s capital in just three days.