The Ghost of Paradise Past

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Thailand feels new – it is me who feels old.

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The Loneliest Paradise

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Raja Ampat is far, even if you start your journey toward it from within Indonesia.

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Boobies at the Beach

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It might surprise you to learn that boobies were the highlight of my beach time in the Galapagos until, at least, you learn which type of boobies I’m talking about.

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Sri Lanka’s Best Beach?

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Let’s take a look at why I’m so certain Arugam Bay is the best beach in Sri Lanka, even though it’s the only one I’ve sunned my white ass on.

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Two Weeks in Thailand

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Thinking of a trip to Thailand? Here’s a sample Thailand itinerary, which gives you an idea of how to best spend two weeks in Thailand.

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Sydney’s Iconic Bondi Beach

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Hood fortune afforded me an inordinate amount of time in Bondi, a part of Sydney which ends up being a day-trip for most Australia travelers who aren’t avid surfers.

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Should You Visit Coffee Bay?

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If you’re on the fence about traveling to Coffee Bay, whether for the same or different reasons than I was, continue reading to see how I enjoyed my stay at The Coffee Shack.

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Thailand’s Best Island?

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If you’re looking for a Thai island that’s big on scenery and light on “the scene,” beautiful Koh Kradan is definitely your best choice.

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