Pearl of the Orient

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To honor the five year anniversary of my move to Shanghai – and the difficulties I faced while living there – I traveled back to the city to make peace.

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Trip Ideas: China 101

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This China travel itinerary is by no means the only way to go about a two- or three-week trip to China, but it does provide you with a travel template I have personally tested and enjoyed.

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Shanghai Lujiazui skyline

Why I Love and Hate Shanghai

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In Shanghai, opportunity looms low in the air like the city’s perpetual pollution haze, but both eventually become suffocating.

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Picture of a Chinese visa

How to Get Your Chinese Visa

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Airlines won’t even let you on the plane without a valid China visa, so get the China visa you need in plenty of time for departure.

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City Wars: Beijing vs. Shanghai

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Many of the other expats I met in China were adamant about being either “Beijing People” or “Shanghai People.” Which city is more your style?

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Daytrip

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If you’re in Shanghai and need a break from the hustle-bustle and skyscrapers, the Chinese Grand National Bamboo Forest is nearby Anji is without a doubt the most serene place you can travel without getting on a plane.

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Access Facebook in China

Is All Social Media Blocked in China?

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Officially, you can’t access your Facebook or Twitter accounts, YouTube or most free blogging platforms from within China, but there are ways to work around this annoyance.

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EF China: A Serious Warning

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Although EF China is far from the worst place I’ve ever worked, little about the company — save for the clean, modern Swedish design sensibilities of its centers — separates it from any of its multinational competitors.

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