Search airline websites directly to find the best and most current flight deals. Avoid mainstream fare aggregators like Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity in favor of specialized ones that pull up a wider variety of fares or take advantage of youth or student status.

Minimize your chances of encountering complications before and during train travel in India by learning how the Indian railway system works prior to departing your home country.

Whether your primary goal is to partake in an ultra-local experience or simply to avoid exorbitant airfares, travel overland from Vietnam to Laos — but don’t expect a quick or particular comfortable journey.

If you’re efficient and move quickly, one day is all you need to enjoy Delhi, India’s best-known tourist attractions — and even a few more obscure ones.

If you plan well — and, most importantly, in advance — it’s possible to see the most popular attractions in the northern part of India in just three weeks.

Casual sex isn’t at all a taboo in Brazil. And trust me: When a taboo is lifted, you’ll be amazed at the kinds of things you do.

Loki is a backpacker hostel chain which operates four locations in Bolivia and Peru. After 16 nights stayed in three of these properties, I can safely say Loki provides the best overall hostel experience I’ve come across so far.

A sprawling metropolis nestled between the Andes Mountains to the east and less than an hour from the Pacific Ocean which sits to its west, Santiago’s urban landscape is as diverse and grand in scale as the scenery that surrounds it.