Dispatches from the Road

Every place I’ve visited has touched me – I hope my travelogues touch you, too

Travel blogs tend to go in one of two directions. Many are frankly narcissistic and serve little purpose, other than the brag about the adventures of the narrator. Others focus on information, but can be dry to the point of seeming commercial or gimmicky.

With Leave Your Daily Hell, I aim to bridge this divide, by telling engaging stores from the road that are driven by my own presence within them, but not solely focused on my own experience. The idea, as I state in the site’s official motto, is to inform, inspire, entertain and empower you.

The travel writing you find below is in addition to the work I’ve done for other publications, which include The Huffington Post, About.com, DETAILS Magazine and nearly a dozen others. If you would like to commission me to write for your website, blog or other publication, email me today to learn more about my rates and availability.