March 2012

How to Become Location Independent

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Two factors underscore my frequent travel: (1) My ability to budget time and money and (2) The fact that my income is location-independent.

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Central market in Santiago, Chile

Discovering Santiago’s Markets

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Two of Santiago’s markets in particular — the massive Mercado Central and La Vega fruit market — are particularly worth exploring.

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Rock Wallabies on Magnetic Island

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Share a moment with the adorable rock wallabies of Magnetic Island that can be found hopping up and down the island’s boulders.

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Lebanon’s Sort-of-Underground Gay Scene

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Lebanon’s gay scene is extremely open compared to most of its Middle Eastern neighbors, in spite of the fact that being gay is illegal in Lebanon.

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Travel in Brisbane, Australia

7 Reasons Brisbane Doesn’t Suck

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Brisbane is doing everything in can to transform itself into a vital, dynamic world city, and the gains it’s made in this regard are more than enough reason to make a stop there.

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How Expensive is Amsterdam?

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Although a trip to the Netherlands isn’t going to set you back as much as travel to Switzerland or Norway, certain aspects of travel in Amsterdam are expensive, even by European standards.

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