June 2019

Dublin Delight

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Dublin’s weather mirrors the larger experience of traveling in the Irish capital: Bipolar but not quite schizophrenic, fierce both in its beauty and in more occasional bouts of unpleasantness. 

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Da Nang Days

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Although my trip started stressfully, I look back fondly at all the things to do in Da Nang—and outside the city as well.

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Amsterdam is Amazing

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With this new Amsterdam itinerary, I’ve tried to balance the boring trip ideas you sometimes find with the drug-and-sex filled ones you wish you never did.

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Is Seoul or Tokyo Right for You?

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Just as it’s futile to choose between New York or Los Angeles and London or Paris, so too are Tokyo and Seoul equally indispensable to the Eastern traveler.

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Tokyo’s Greatest Escapes

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Whether you’re looking for day trips from Tokyo to accent a first taster trip to Tokyo, or are a repeat offender in search of a truly unique excursion, you’re in the right place.

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Does Julia Roberts’ Bali Still Exist?

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The extent to which you can find Julia Roberts’ Bali depends as much on what you’re seeking as it does what you end up finding.

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Tokyo Starts Here

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What I’m about to share is a perspective as rich and diverse as a walk through Tokyo’s streets.

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Three Days in the Eternal City

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Whether your 3 days in Rome is the beginning of a lifelong love affair, or simply a teaser before a larger feast of the best of Italy, you can start planning it right here and now.

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