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Texas’ Top Road Trips

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Looking for a great American road trip? Check out these incredible Texas road trips, which take you all around the Lone Star State.

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Eclectic Eats in Louisiana

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No matter where in Louisiana your travels take you, an eclectic eating experience awaits.

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Robert’s Ridesharing Roundup

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Ridesharing has changed the way we get travel. Here’s my roundup of ridesharing apps around the world, including some you might never have heard of.

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Beyond the Kentucky Derby

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Want to watch horse races, but don’t want to travel to the Bluegrass state? Here are some top horse racing spots beyond the Kentucky Derby.

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Tracing Sweden’s Pop Music Heritage Through Travel

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Since the 1970s, when ABBA won the Eurovision competition and became one of the most popular musical acts of all times, it’s been tempting to think there must be something in the Swedish water that spits out pop stars.

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A Big Bangkok Surprise

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I’ve been to Bangkok 14 times and stayed at dozens of hotels during those trips. So how is it that one of the city’s finest eluded me until now?

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Scenic Sleeps Under the Western Sky

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No matter where in this picturesque region you travel, choose a hotel that matches the rusticness of the surrounding scenery.

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Central Munich’s Cheapest Hotels

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Munich’s city center is the place to be, but that doesn’t mean you need to be Kaiser-rich to afford a nice hotel there.

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