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Most of my travel is international, but there are still several places in the U.S. I want and need to visit. Here are the top 5.

Headed to southern Italy and looking for someplace off the beaten path? It doesn’t get more bizarre than Fontanelle Cemetery in Naples.

Want to check in early, or check out late? Check out this new method of booking hotels in a more flexible way.

Cambridge, MA merits a visit, even if you can only manage to swing a day trip. Here are a few ideas about how to spend your day in Cambridge.

From typical tourist attractions, to culinary neighborhoods, to Vatican City itself, use this overview of Rome’s neighborhoods to guide your journey.

When is the best time of the year to visit Savannah? Read today’s post to learn the answer.

Amsterdam is perhaps the best city in the world for walking – here are some of the best walks in Amsterdam.

Whether you come here for the history, the scenery or the cuisine, here’s how Savannah can hit all your based in just one day.