The Truth About Shanghai

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Whether you’re going as part of a larger trip to China or just because, 3 days in Shanghai is all you need for a proper introduction.

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Are the Cameron Highlands Worth a Trip?

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A couple days in the Cameron Highlands on your way between Kuala Lumpur and Penang is absolutely a good idea, if only because it’s en route. On the other hand, you should be prepared for what to expect.

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How to Deal With Flight Delays

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Whether you’re looking for information on how to submit a flight delay claim, or simply want to learn if you’re entitled to compensation (and, if so, how much), I think you’ll want to continue reading.

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Okinawa Starts Here

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Planning an Okinawa itinerary can quickly go from an easy task to an insurmountable one.

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From Laos to Thailand (or Back)

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Traveling from Laos to Thailand is easier than it’s ever been, whether you go by train or take a flight.

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A Taste of Istanbul

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Istanbul is a place you could quite literally spend a lifetime.

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Is Jakarta Really So Bad?

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The secret to people’s feelings about Jakarta is in its nickname, “The Big Durian.”

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Gateway to Hokkaido

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When I have another opportunity to return to Hakodate, I jump at it.

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