China next on your destination radar? Check out the advice, stories and tips I can offer after living there for almost a year and visiting the cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Xi’an and important tourist destinations like The Great Wall of China, Terracotta Warrior and Shanghai World Financial Center.

China’s Other Capital

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China’s former capital is at least as enthralling as its current one, even if both suffer from the same choking air pollution.

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The Truth About Shanghai

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Whether you’re going as part of a larger trip to China or just because, 3 days in Shanghai is all you need for a proper introduction.

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The SAR and the City Above the Sea

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There are countless important distinctions between these two cities—and not just that the citizens of one speak Cantonese and the others definitely don’t.

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Is Beijing or Shanghai Better for You?

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Many people weigh in on the eternal Beijing vs Shanghai debate—but few, frankly, are qualified to do so.

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The World’s Largest Village

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I was surprised by Chongqing’s beauty. And I don’t mean the Muzak cover all All4One’s “I Swear” that was playing as I waited to clear Chinese immigration, although that was a nice touch.

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Pandas and Peppercorns

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No matter your current mindset about China’s panda city, here’s how to make the most of your Chengdu itinerary.

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A Weekend in China’s Karst Country

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Our Guilin to Yangshuo adventure exemplified how spoiled residents of Asia are.

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Find a Hong Kong Home Here

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Hong Kong looks small on the map, but location is of outsized importance here.

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