China next on your destination radar? Check out the advice, stories and tips I can offer after living there for almost a year and visiting the cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Xi’an and important tourist destinations like The Great Wall of China, Terracotta Warrior and Shanghai World Financial Center.

Enemy Image

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Today’s post is an ode to Beijing – and to myself.

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Pearl of the Orient

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To honor the five year anniversary of my move to Shanghai – and the difficulties I faced while living there – I traveled back to the city to make peace.

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China’s City of Western Peace

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Although much of urban Xi’an lacks any connection whatsoever to its grand, historical roots, the city and its vicinity are dotted with relics of a time when Xi’an was the most important city in China.

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The Adventure That Wasn’t Meant To Be

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Heading out to Western China? Qing Cheng mountain is one of the best spots for hiking near Chengdu — just read my advice first.

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Shanghai Lujiazui skyline

Why I Love and Hate Shanghai

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In Shanghai, opportunity looms low in the air like the city’s perpetual pollution haze, but both eventually become suffocating.

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Skyline of Hong Kong island

Hong Kong Island Walking Tour

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Explore ritzy Hong Kong island almost completely free of charge, no matter where in Hong Kong you stay.

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Shanghai Century Park in China

Shanghai’s Epic Century Park

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Just as Shanghai’s more than 4,000 skyscrapers dwarf the Manhattan skyline, Century Park is something like Central Park on steroids, even if Central Park is technically larger by area.

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City Wars: Beijing vs. Shanghai

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Many of the other expats I met in China were adamant about being either “Beijing People” or “Shanghai People.” Which city is more your style?

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