China’s Other Capital

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China’s former capital will exceed your expectations, even if you know exactly what to expect.

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The Ultimate Guide to Gansu

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Gansu attractions are some of the most impressive in China, but you’ll need a good grasp of the Chinese language—and a high level of patience—in order to travel here.

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Yes, Macau is Magical

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What follows is not only a Macau travel guide but, I hope, a rebuke of the prevailing wisdom about the territory: That it’s not really all that great.

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Ashoka the Bystander

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Compassion for a being whose servitude I depend on is fruitless.

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30 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Hong Kong

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The person I was when I stepped onto the streets of Hong Kong six years ago no longer exists, in part because he stepped onto them.

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Hong Kong Comeuppance

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Butterflies cannot allow themselves to be weighed down by memories of life inside the chrysalis.

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Three Tremendous Days in Taipei

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The ratio of awesome things to see and do in Taipei—they approach infinity—to its delightfully finite urban limits makes it a very easy city to love.

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Five Fabulous Far-East Cities

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Headed East? Consider visiting some of my favorite cities in the Orient – and visit by the end of the month to take advantage of special savings!

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