The Frozen World and the Loneliness

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When I think of winter in Japan, I think of an image I wasn’t able to capture.

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Tokyo is More Than Sushi—or Is It?

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There are more than enough reasons to visit Tokyo, regardless of your nationality.

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Outstanding Osaka

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Here’s how to make the most of any trip to Osaka, even if you thought before arriving at this page that you would never come.

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Kyoto Starts Here

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Planning a Kyoto itinerary requires organization and self-reflection, but it’s actually not that difficult.

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Nara—Maybe for the Night

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Visit Japan’s infamous urban deer on a day trip from Osaka or Kyoto, or buck trends and stay the night.

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Hub of Hokkaido

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While it’s true that Hokkaido begins and ends in Sapporo, I prefer to think of the city as a current that runs through every trip.

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Hokkaido Monsoon

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I had lavender and hollyhocks, in spite of all the clouds and rain.

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How to Time Travel from Tokyo

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Nikko is just a short trip away from Tokyo, geographically, but it feels like going back in time several centuries.

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