Central market in Santiago, Chile

Discovering Santiago’s Markets

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Two of Santiago’s markets in particular — the massive Mercado Central and La Vega fruit market — are particularly worth exploring.

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Hub of the World’s Highest, Driest Desert

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If you’re looking to spend some time in Chile’s desert but don’t know where to stay, my San Pedro de Atacama blog is a great first step.

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Santiago's Bellavista Neighborhood

Santiago, Chile’s Neighborhoods

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A sprawling metropolis nestled between the Andes Mountains to the east and less than an hour from the Pacific Ocean which sits to its west, Santiago’s urban landscape is as diverse and grand in scale as the scenery that surrounds it.

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How to Travel in South America

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Getting around in South America is relatively simple once you get a hang of it—and, in most cases, rather affordable as well.

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