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A Few of Japan’s Natural Wonders

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You might be most familiar with the neon-bathed streets of Tokyo or Osaka, but the deep in nature is where Japan’s true mystique lies.

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Kanazawa Dreaming

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I’ve been meaning to create a Kanazawa itinerary for the readers of Leave Your Daily Hell for a while—it just didn’t feel right until now.

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Is Hiroshima Worth Visiting?

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Hiroshima is more than the city where the atomic bomb went off—all meaningful trips here begin and end with this premise.

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The Secret to Planning Your Japan Trip

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Planning a trip to Japan doesn’t have to drive you crazy.

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Where Princess Mononoke Lives

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I’ll be honest: The Princess Mononoke forest was never high on my Japan bucket list, certainly not the first time I visited Yakushima island.

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Tokyo in Just 3 Days

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It’s easy to create a Tokyo itinerary that lasts three days—or even less.

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Matsumoto Starts Here

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There’s no one-right-way to construct a Matsumoto itinerary—and no correct number of days to spend here.

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Tokyo for Any Traveler

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Tokyo is actually many different destinations in one.

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