Where Japan Ends

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Kagoshima is an underrated and almost wholly un-explored destination, but don’t let that deter you from coming.

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Kumamoto Starts Here

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It can be difficult to find a Kumamoto itinerary online at all, let alone a good one.

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The Truth About Fukuoka

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Fukuoka, for whatever else you can say about it, is anything but forgettable.

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Kobe, Beyond the Beef

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This Kobe itinerary has been years in the making, literally.

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The “K” in Kyushu

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Sometimes, moving forward is more important than moving on.

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Okinawa Starts Here

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Planning an Okinawa itinerary can quickly go from an easy task to an insurmountable one.

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Gateway to Hokkaido

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When I have another opportunity to return to Hakodate, I jump at it.

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Yes, Japan Has a Desert—and Yes, It’s Amazing

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Japan is the ultimate land of contrasts, so it should come as no surprise when an arid desert randomly appears out of nowhere along its heavily-wooded northern coast.

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