Finally taking that Eurotrip? Check out the advice, stories and tips I can offer after my half-dozen visits there, which have seen me visit Greece, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland and important tourist destinations like the Acropolis, Alhambra and the Sagrada Familia.

Norway in a Nutshell…in a Nutshell

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The bad news? Norway in a Nutshell isn’t for everyone. The good news? Once you realize what it actually is and square that with your own expectations, it might very well before for you.

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Nucleus of the Caucasus

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Spending three days in Tbilisi provided an alluring introduction to my larger Caucasus trip, even if it was ultimately anticlimactic

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Stockholm Starts Here

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3 days in Stockholm might not seem like a long time to get to know the de-facto capital of Scandinavia, but it’s enough to fall in love.

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The World’s Bougiest Backpacking Destination

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To this day, I rave passionately about my backpacking South of France experience.

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To Slovenia, With Love

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Historically, the overland journey from Venice to Slovenia was beautiful, but somewhat convoluted.

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Where Ireland Actually Begins

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Where does the Wild Atlantic Way begin and end?

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War of the Scots

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In an ideal world, comparing Glasgow vs. Edinburgh would be a formality, rather than a necessity.

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Shine Bright Like a Diamond (Beach)

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Diamond Beach Iceland is one of the most stunning places you’ll see during your trip.

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