Finally taking that Eurotrip? Check out the advice, stories and tips I can offer after my half-dozen visits there, which have seen me visit Greece, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland and important tourist destinations like the Acropolis, Alhambra and the Sagrada Familia.

St. Petersburg Starts Here

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Here’s how to make the most of 3 days in St. Petersburg, no matter where you’re coming from before you get there.

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Madrid is Magnificent

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Regal, resplendent and as replete with cuisine as it is with culture, Madrid is arguably one of Europe’s finest capitals.

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Berlin for Beginners

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Whether you’re searching for the top things to do in Berlin, or want a more idiosyncratic list of Berlin attractions and possible day trips, I’ve got you covered.

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Downtown Switzerland

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“Downtown Switzerland” is anything but boring.

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Enchanting Edinburgh

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Here’s how to make your 3 days in Edinburgh as colorful and enchanting as mine were.

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Three Breathtaking Days in Bergen

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Europe’s supposedly wettest city is a constant source of sunshine as I look back on my travels.

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The Pleasure Principality

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Even if you don’t end up taking your own trip to Monaco, I think reading this post to the end will be more than worth your while.

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Belgrade’s Bounty

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Belgrade is one of the most talked-about cities in Europe, and although I’m not normally one to believe hype, I had a good feeling about it.

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