South Korea

Spring at Seoraksan

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I hope I’m not setting you up for disappointment when I say this, but Seoraksan Mountain is one of my favorite places I’ve visited in Korea.

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Is Gyeongju Worth Visiting?

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Should you visit Gyeongju? Unfortunately, this is not a “yes” or “no” question.

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How to Say “Sakura” in Korean

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I don’t need fifth-generation technology to appreciate the age-old splendor of hanami, or whatever it is they call cherry blossom viewing in Korea.

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Spectacular Seoul

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South Korea’s cosmopolitan, futuristic capital is as accessible for first-time visitors as it is complex enough to discover over and over again.

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South Korea’s Red-Headed Stepchild

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You should absolutely make a beeline to Busan—here’s why.

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Three Spectacular Days in Seoul

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Panoramas of skyscrapers rolling over hills like waves of concrete and steel; flashes of neon light reflecting in rivers and streams; and aromas of Korean BBQ in the air all around you. Ain’t Seoul grand?

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Seoul in the Time of MERS

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South Korea is just fine – all you armchair physicians, in the media and on social media, need to sit the fuck down.

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