New Zealand

Does the Milford Sound Live Up to the Hype?

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I wasn’t sure if I would take a Milford Sound tour until a few days before I ended up doing it.

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Is New Zealand Expensive?

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I knew the answer to this question before I boarded a recent flight from Sydney to Auckland—and I hope you do too.

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The Best Escapes from Auckland

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This post is not about Auckland sightseeing—it’s about what to do once you’ve had your fill of it.

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Epilogue: Christchurch

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Time changes people—and places; it usually improves them, even if it doesn’t fully heal.

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Tears of Franz Josef

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Certainly, people like the Archduke had bigger things to worry about.

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But It’s Just a Queenstown Fantasy, Baby

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How could it have taken me so long find stillness in moments like these, when I have so many fewer left than I’ve already lived?

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Tekapo’s Last Lupines

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New Zealand is a satisfying destination, albeit one that’s imperfect in many of the ways I suspected it would be.

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The Truth About Rotorua

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I feel guilty saying this, but I also hate to lie: Most of the things to do in Rotorua left me less than inspired.

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