August 2012

Stockholm Apartment

Finding An Apartment Overseas

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If you’re looking for an apartment in a foreign country, here are some tips to make your search easier.

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Returning To My Spiritual Home

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If you’re wondering whether I’ll ever stop going on about my love for Bangkok, the answer is “No.” I returned to the Thai capital earliest this week, as I mentioned  I would in another recent post. As I hypothesized, my elation knows no bounds. In fact, I would even go so far as to say […]

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Lemons, Near-Misses and Italian Fjords

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With its sun-kissed, coast-hugging highways, lush lemon groves, and port cities dating back to the Renaissance, Italy’s Amalfi Coast is the closest thing to paradise that currently exists in Europe.

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Egyptian Flag

Two Weeks in Egypt

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My two-week Egypt travel itinerary might not change the country’s security situation, but it will make your trip to Egypt much less stressful.

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Trip Ideas: China 101

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This China travel itinerary is by no means the only way to go about a two- or three-week trip to China, but it does provide you with a travel template I have personally tested and enjoyed.

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Dresden, Germany Old City

A Delightful Dresden Day-trip

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If you find yourself in Berlin — or any city in the eastern part of Germany, for that matter — I promise you that even a short excursion to Dresden is well worth your while.

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Berlin Brandenburg Gate

The Other Side of the Berlin Wall

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Berlin has gained an international reputation for its all-night parties, sex clubs and other assorted debaucheries, so it’s ironic that I may well have fallen in love here.

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Zürich, Switzerland Advertisement

Finally Getting to Know Zurich

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There’s no overarching narrative to this Zürich photo essay — I just hope you can appreciate stately “downtown Switzerland” as much as I now do.

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