February 2012

Singapore’s Gay Status Quo

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As a gay traveler in Singapore, you should be mindful of the country’s laws when visiting gay establishments and engaging in homosexual activity.

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East Surf School in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia

Australia’s East Coast Surf School

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Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or are a complete beginner like me, the East Coast Surf School crew will have you riding waves in no time.

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Eating in Laos

All About Food Stalls in Laos

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Whether you want to indulge your inner French person with baguette sandwiches or crêpes, or just enjoy a fresh fruit shake, food stalls and carts are the best place to satisfy your hunger when you travel in Laos.

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Is Istanbul expensive?

Is Travel in Istanbul Expensive?

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A weekend in the city formerly known as Constantinople will be closer in price to an Athens or Madrid getaway than what you’d spend in New Delhi or even Shanghai.

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Skyline of Hong Kong island

Hong Kong Island Walking Tour

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Explore ritzy Hong Kong island almost completely free of charge, no matter where in Hong Kong you stay.

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Australia’s Spiritual Center

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I can’t claim to be an expert on aboriginal spirituality after five short days, but it took only a moment of contemplation to understand why they held Australia’s desolate center so sacred.

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Greenhouse Coffee Shop, Amsterdam

Amsterdam for Non-Smokers

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Just as you don’t need to hire a hooker to enjoy the city’s sleazy Red Light District, you can have the time of your life in Amsterdam without inhaling a single puff of weed smoke — first-hand, anyway.

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The Outback on Camelback

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If you love camels but don’t have the time or patience to search out wild ones, book a camel ride through the outback at Uluru Camel Tours in Yulara.

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