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Where to Stay Near New York

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The Center of the Universe. The City That Never Sleeps. The Big Apple. The Greatest City in the World. No matter which of New York City’s many deserving accolades you use, there are always more good things to say. Likewise, incredible hotels are so abundant in the New York area that choosing one can be as difficult as selecting the best pizza, bagel, or rooftop bar. Whether you prefer Manhattan, Brooklyn, or somewhere else entirely, these are the best places to stay near New York.

Sleep in the Heart of Manhattan

The best part of sleeping in hotels in New York City is waking up and taking in the skyline, whether you see One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, or even Central Park out your window. Manhattan hotels can be pricey, particularly if you stay in luxurious properties like the Irish-inflected Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel, but the value of being only a subway ride away from anything you want to do is priceless. There are also plenty of deals to be had here. Capsule hotels such as Pod 51 Hotel and Pod 39 hotel provide incredible value in the heart of everything.

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn, they say, is the new Manhattan, only cooler. Indeed, what Brooklyn lacks in terms of New York’s most iconic attractions, it makes up for in spades when you consider all the craft breweries, art galleries, and eclectic neighborhoods you’ll find there. Another advantage of choosing hotels in Brooklyn like Box House Hotel or Hotel le Jolie is that weather pending, you can walk over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge en route to your Manhattan sightseeing, which checks a big item off your Instagram list.

Other Options Near New York

Don’t need the cool of Brooklyn or the convenience of Manhattan? One option is to save money by choosing from hotels elsewhere in the New York area. Stay at Wyndham Garden Long Island City, which is not only near the city’s two main airports but also where you’ll enjoy a stunning panorama of the New York skyline. Alternatively, stay in residential Staten Island when you book a room at Hilton Garden Inn New York/Staten Island.

Boston’s Best Hotel Deals

The thought of visiting New York on a day trip might seem preposterous, but if you decide that one of the hotels in Boston is a better fit for you than anything in Brooklyn or Manhattan, Beantown might be a good plan B. Boston’s hotels are, on the whole, cheaper than many of those you’ll find in New York, from high-end properties such as The Westin Copley Place to the great value on offer at 40 Berkeley.

Since fast trains between Boston and New York take around four hours each way, you’ll need to leave early in the morning and plan on arriving back late at night if you choose this option. An alternative and perhaps better option would be to stay one or two nights somewhere in the New York area before proceeding to Boston and enjoying your New England vacation.


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