30 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Ecuador

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The premise of today’s post has nothing to do with superlatives or rankings. I simply want to show you the beauty of Ecuador using some of my favorite photos (and selfies!) I took there.

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Walking on Healing Water

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My two favorite things about South America are the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle, so I knew I was destined to love the town of Baños, Ecuador, which sits at the junction between them.

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The City Beneath the Slain Serpent

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Quito’s dangerousness, whether it lies more in fact or in paranoid gringo tourist fiction, is the one thing that prevents me from thinking it might soon become the best city in the world.

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Boobies at the Beach

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It might surprise you to learn that boobies were the highlight of my beach time in the Galapagos until, at least, you learn which type of boobies I’m talking about.

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The Origin of Neuroses

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I knew the Galapagos islands would be unlike any place I’ve ever seen – I just didn’t know they’d make me be like I’ve never been!

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