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30 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Israel

30 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Israel

When I departed for my current trip to Israel – my fourth – last week, I pledged that I would not write about politics this time. (And not just because I was invited by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, a.k.a the Israeli government.)

Nor is it because I have no opinions on the politics of Israel or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – certainly not because I condone or agree with the rhetoric of the current Israeli government, their kind invitation to me notwithstanding.

My vow to avoid the more contentious issues surrounding Israel instead derives from my desire to discuss something more absolute: The deep love I’ve developed for the land and its people, irrespective of my opinions about all of it.

As I’ve traveled around Israel for the past week, falling in love with Tel Aviv all over again, before heading up north into the fertile Galilee and then past the Dead Sea into the Judean and Negev deserts, I’ve realized that the best thing to say about Israel would be to say nothing at all.

Instead, I think I’ll let my pictures do the talking, albeit with the goal of inspiring you to visit this land and its people, irrespective of your opinion about all of it. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of my four visits to Israel, it’s that this place has a way of altering even the most rigid perspectives – whether you want to change yours or not.

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Iconic Tel Aviv buildings
Jacaranda blossoms in front of Israel flag
Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Seafront
Mosque minaret in Jaffa
Tel Aviv Beach
Sunset in Jaffa
Rooftop Bar in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv at night
Cow in front of Bedouin village in the Galilee
Bee on thistle flower in the Galilee
Mt. Arbel in the Galilee
Greek Orthodox Church at Capernaum
Old City of Jerusalem
Peqi’in: Where Four Races Live in Peace
Mosque in Akko
Tel Aviv Marina
Restaurant at Jaffa Port
Hummus in Judean Desert
Artichokes at Carmel Market in Jaffa
Winding road in Negev Desert
Desert lodging: Kfar Hankodim
Camel in Israel
Robert Schrader hiking on a mountain ride in Judean desert
Robert Schrader on a camel in Judean Desert
Israeli flag over Ramon Crater
Robert Schrader above the sea of Galilee
Sunset in Judean Desert

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