Photo Essay

30 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Israel

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I have a lot of opinions about Israel, but this time, I want to let my pictures do the talking, albeit with the goal of inspiring you to visit.

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Zürich, Switzerland Advertisement

Finally Getting to Know Zurich

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There’s no overarching narrative to this Zürich photo essay — I just hope you can appreciate stately “downtown Switzerland” as much as I now do.

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Getting to Know Naples

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Worries about the Mafia were the furthest thing from my mind as I explored Naples, a city I would never, ever use the word “dangerous” to describe.

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Bird perched on top of Greek Orthodox statue in Athens, Greece

Crisis Averted

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Signs of the so-called “financial collapse” in Greece were far fewer in number than all of the timeless beauty I encountered traveling through the birthplace of Western civilization.

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Cats at night in Jerusalem

Homeless in Jerusalem – for a Night

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In spite of circumstances that proved increasingly unlucky, the primary truth I retain from my restless night in Israel is that the kindness of one stranger is more powerful than the collective disrespect of all the assholes around her.

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Buenos Aires Street Scene

After The Fall

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As the American economy and psyche struggle to recover from our own collapse, I can’t help but wonder: Is today’s Argentina a preview of tomorrow’s United States?

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