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Easy Ways to Improve Your Travel Photos

Easy Ways to Improve Your Travel Photos

Most bloggers love showing off their own photos, but few provide tangible travel photography tips along the way. This is a shame—in the long term, practical advice to follow is much more valuable than pretty pictures to look at.

Below, I’ll list out some of my top tips for amazing travel pics. These range from recommendations about equipment and technique, to the importance of using photo editing software like PhotoWorks—proper editing skills (and tools!) is what makes great travel photos extraordinary.

If you read this article until the end, you will definitely improve your travel photos by leaps and bounds. It might also have you eager to book some trips to put this new knowledge into practice!

The Truth About Great Travel Photography

The best travel photography is a combination of talent, skill and luck. The bad news? Talent is what you’re born with, and while you can act in ways that maximize your luck, it’s by definition a matter of chance. The good news? You can take concrete action to hone and refine your skills; equipment and technology can step in to take advantage of the rest. To put it another way, taking awesome travel photos is at least as much about strategy as it is about serendipity.

In order to maximize your chances of success, I’m going to talk you through an eclectic range of advice topics—not everyone can follow every one. However, even if you can’t afford an amazing camera or lens, or don’t have flexibility in your schedule to shoot at a certain time of day, having the right photo editor for PC (for example) can make up a surprising amount of the shortfall when used strategically.

My Top Travel Photography Advice

The camera (and lens) you use matters

I’ll get to the importance photo software for PC in a minute, but I can’t stress enough that yes, hardware does matter. Ideally, you would have a DSLR, mirrorless camera or film cameras, and one able to shoot in fully manual mode and take RAW images. This will ensure your images are of maximum quality, and afford you the greatest flexibility in editing them after you’re back at your computer.

So does the time of day you shoot

Another one of my priceless travel photography tips is that lighting (and, therefore, the time of day) is everything. I’m not just talking about sunrise or sunset, or the “golden hour” after and before them, respectively. You always need to consider the position of the sun relative to where you’re shooting, whether or not you want a backlit shot and other lighting-related details.

There’s a secret to travel selfies

Although it’s possible to find a photo editor app for PC that lets you digitally remove your own arm from a cellphone selfie, it’s better not to have this problem in the first place. Rather, the best way to capture a selfie is to use a tripod and either a remote or self-timer, depending on other particulars of the shot. People might look at you funny, but you’ll get the last laugh!

You can never take too many photos

You live in the digital era—I urge you to make the most of it. As is the case in other areas of life, one of the most valuable travel photography tips is to try again if, at first, you don’t succeed. Sometimes, getting the right perspective on a landscape or portrait subject requires several attempts. Don’t feel bad about capturing each shot in as many different ways as you need.

But you can share too many

There’s no shame in taking dozens of stabs at each shot—but it can be embarrassing if you post all of them. Great travel photography is not only about honing your skills so you can get more shots right, the first time, but being able to curate and share only the very best finished products. Speaking of which, let’s talk about the benefits of using a photo editor for computer.

On the Topic of Travel Photo Editing

Regardless of which photo editing software for PC you choose, editing is extremely important to your finished travel photography product. I’m not talking about insane modifications, either—minor corrections such as straightening, cropping and elimination of red eye lead to major results! PhotoWorks, the photo software I mentioned in the introduction to this piece, allows you to address all of these and more in as little as one click, thanks to AI-powered features like “Portrait Magic.”

Another one of my top travel photography tips, whether you use PhotoWorks or a different software, is to shoot in RAW format. The .NEF files your camera captures while in this mode contains the maximum amount of information about the image, which allows you to drastically modify qualities such as exposure, contrast, clarity and saturation with minimal effects on the final image quality. Think of .NEF files as the “negative,” and your editing software as the light room for developing your digital photos.

Other Travel Photography FAQ

How do I become a travel photographer?

Once you’ve taken steps to improve your travel photography, you need to find outlets to sell it. Some aspiring travel photographers use stock photo websites like Getty Images, while others pitch directly to magazines and websites. Others start their own blogs, and use their photography to monetize toward other, less direct ends.

What is the best camera for travel photography?

I personally use a Nikon D750, with a family of four (one zoom, one wide-angle and two prime) lens. However, whether you choose a different brand like Canon or Sony, or decide to use a mirrorless or mobile camera instead of a DSLR, software such as a travel photo editor can help offset any hardware deficiencies you might face.

Do photographers travel for free?

The money good travel photographers earn eventually ends up compensating for their travel costs, but you shouldn’t expect to travel for free all the time. This will especially be true in the post-Covid era, when tourism boards’ budgets for sponsored media travel will be much lower, even if you have the best travel photography skills.

The Bottom Line

I hope these travel photography tips help you, whether you’ve got a great camera and need some help making your photos pop, or need inspiration to upgrade your hardware, even if your software is fine. In either case, you should realize that amazing travel photos aren’t the result of being extraordinarily skilled or talents, in most cases. Rather, it’s a combination of a smart strategy, and many little things done consistently that make good travel photos pop into amazing, unforgettable ones. Even if you don’t end up becoming a professional travel photography, why not learn to take pics that will thrill your future grandchildren?


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