European City Breaks

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Europe is filled not only with history and scenery, but some of the most amazing cities in the world. Here are some ideas for European city breaks.

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Buses and trains in Morocco

How to Get Around in Morocco

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Whether you use buses, trains, taxis or any combination thereof, the experience of getting around in Morocco is about stress-free as you’re going to find in most of the Middle East and North Africa.

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Food stalls in Jemaa el-Fnaa Square in Marrakech, Morocco

Why You’ll Love (And Hate) Marrakech

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As a photographer, there are few more exhilarating places in Morocco (and maybe the world) than Marrakech. A bustling city painted entirely in a smoky orange-pink colors, filled with lively souks and vendor stalls, Marrakech is exactly what you expect Morocco to look and, at least initially, feel like. It’s also an amazing city for […]

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