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Robert Schrader

The photo at the top of this page – which was taken in August 2010 just outside the semi-charming town of Vangvieng, Laos, in case you were curious – is the one I’m most famous for, but I’ve taken hundreds of others I think are pretty cool.

The goal of my travel photography is not to gloat about all the cool places I’ve seen or the amazing things I’ve done, but rather to inspire you to travel out into the world and see it for yourself. As I’m fond of saying, it’s much better to be the Discovery Channel than to watch the Discovery Channel!

Direct your attention to the right side of this page, and browse some of the travel photo essays I’ve assembled the past few years traveling around the world. Or, read on to view the individual photos I consider to be my best. Or, click here to learn about purchasing usage rights to my travel photography.

My Best Travel Photos

A picture may or may not be worth a thousand words, but since I write thousands of words a week for a living, I’m going to let these pictures do the talking on their lonesome. Hover your mouse above each picture for a short description of it, as well as to learn when and where it was taken.

Vang Vieng, Laos (2010)
Rome, Italy (2012)
Tana Toraja, Indonesia (2014)
Rome, Italy (2012)
Ecuador (2013)
Sri Lanka (2013)
Cairo, Egypt (2011)
Anji Bamboo Forest, China (2010)
São Paulo, Brazil (2011)
Rome, Italy (2012)
Myanmar (2010)
Norway (2012)
Tel Aviv, Israel (2011)
Ecuador (2013)
Raja Ampat, Indonesia (2014)
Bangkok, Thailand (2013)
Hong Kong (2010)
Rome, Italy (2012)
Hagfors, Sweden (2012)
The Sahara Desert, Morocco (2011)
Rome, Italy (2012)
Sydney, Australia (2012)
Singapore (2012)
Amsterdam (2011)
Knysna, South Africa (2013)
Ecuador (2013)
Rome, Italy (2012)
Jakarta, Indonesia (2014)
Mykonos, Greece (2011)
Pampanga, Philippines (2010)
Maras, Perú (2011)
Rome, Italy (2012)
Switzerland (2011)
Nha Trang, Vietnam (2010)
Kawah Ijen, Indonesia (2014)
Rome, Italy (2012)
Colombia (2012)
Uyuni, Bolivia (2011)
Soldier and child in Beirut, Lebanon
Rome, Italy (2012)
Australia Zoo kangaroo
Venice canal at sunset
Rome, Italy (2012)
Cat at Wat Pho in Bangkok
Departure gate in Thailand
Cape Town architecture and nature
Rome, Italy (2012)