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A Brush With Death in Burma

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I suspected I was going to get food poisoning in Burma from the moment I sat down for my first meal, but I was still on my feet after a week of successively more toxic-seeming food, so I assumed I was out of the woods.

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Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

Tourism and Voyeurism in Myanmar

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Democracy, freedom and where to draw the line between tourism and voyeurism in Myanmar.

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Visas for Southeast Asia Travel

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Although the diverse, eclectic countries of Southeast Asia are well-connected by rail, bus and several award-winning low costs carriers, you should familiarize yourself with the entry requirements of each before you start hopping around.

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Mandalay’s Crown Jewels

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A trio of dazzling hamlets–one a hillside studded with pagodas, the next an ancient settlement with its very own “leaning tower” and the third a monastic base with an eponymous, ramshackle bridge–awaits you just an hour outside Mandalay.

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Machismo, Gold and Grit

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The swanky Las Vegas hotel which apparently lifts its name from Mandalay will be the furthest thing from your mind as your vehicle pulls in.

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Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda

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Around 500 years before a certain Messianic baby was born somewhere in the Middle East, legend has it that two Burmese merchants visited India, gave the Buddha honey cakes and took a few of his hairs back with them. Their reward? A 30-story, solid gold pagoda.

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Travel photos of Myanmar

First Time in Myanmar? Read This

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Yangon, Myanmar’s capital and largest city, will almost certainly be your first point of contact with a country that lacks ATMs, Internet access and most of what you likely consider to be requirements for civilization.

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