Where Will You Travel During the Rest of 2018?

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My own 2018 travel plans are old news to me—I’m curious about where you’ll be headed the rest of the year!

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Change and Leaving

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2016 was a year I came to define by others’ milestones more than my own.

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Dalmatian Yesterdays

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I can’t honestly say I would trade even a single tomorrow for all my yesterdays, as fondly as I remember them.

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Ghosts and Referenda

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Yes: I shaved 13 days off a two-week trip, and flew halfway around the world (and back!) in two days so that I could make things right—and garden, bake brownies and watch the season finale of Veep—with the love of my life.

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29 Forever

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Today, on my own 29th birthday, I finally understand what my mother meant when she turned 29 – for the second time.

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