Two Weeks in Spain



I keep telling myself that I need to get back to Spain and spend a month – or longer – there. After all, over the course of a dozen trips to Europe the past ten years, I’ve only visited Spain on two occasions – and I’ve only spent a cumulative two weeks or so in the country, which is arguably one of the richest travel destinations on the continent.

To be sure, my last trip to Spain was in 2011, which means not only that this Spain travel guide is less extensive than I would like it to be, but also that it’s not as up-to-date as I usually like to make my articles. It’s nonetheless a great place to start planning your trip to Spain, whether you plan to spend two weeks in Spain, or a longer period of time.

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Barcelona is the first place I visited in Spain, and while I have a soft place in my heart for the city, it’s not a place I ever really want to return. This is not because Barcelona isn’t awesome – from the beaches of Barceloneta, to bustling Las Ramblas, to Antoni Gaudí’s treasures like Parc Güell and the Sagrada Familia, to the gay district of Eixample, Barcelona is a fantastic place to be.


Rather, my reservations RE: a return to Barcelona relate to how mainstream the city has become – the last time I was there, in an off-peak time no less, it was almost too crowded and full of tourists to enjoy. I don’t necessarily believe that popularity destroys excellence, but it does impact my desire to be there. Spend 2-4 days in Barcelona, more if it’s your first time.


I have only met a handful of people who feel this way, but I vastly prefer the Spanish capital of Madrid to Barcelona, and not only because I consider Barcelona to be part of Spain – most Catalans don’t. From the grand Royal Palace of Madrid, to stately Puerto del Sol, to the exquisite Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid makes me feel like I’m somewhere that is absolutely essential to the world, which is a feeling I sadly don’t get when I’m in Barcelona.


Indeed, whether you spend your time in Madrid strolling along the Gran Via and having sangria in Plaza Mayor, practicing your best Castillian Spanish with locals on the streets, or simply getting lost in the city’s many streets and markets, spend 3-5 days of your two weeks in Spain in Madrid.


I came to Granada for a very specific reason: To visit Nellie, who runs the wildly successful WildJunket blog. Actually, that’s not entirely true – I did want to visit the city for the sake of visiting it – but I probably wouldn’t have gone out of my way to go there had it not been the place Nellie called home.


For me, Granda is all about the vibe, the energy, and the tapas. To be sure, when you take away the Moorish Alhambra, which is the city’s main tourist attraction, there isn’t a whole lot else to do there buy enjoy yourself, which is thankfully very easy in Granada. Spend 2-4 days of your two weeks in Spain in Granda.

Other Destinations in Spain

Spain is a place you could spend two months or even two years so by all means, do not let this sample itinerary for two weeks in Spain limit you! Visit historical cities like Toledo and Sevilla, explore the mysterious Basque country near the French border, go hiking in the Pyrenees, or party for days on end on the island of Ibiza. The next time I visit Spain, I’m going to be there for at least a few weeks, and I’ll be sure to update this page when that happens.