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30 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Morocco

I’m not generally one to recycle content, but when someone asked me recently if I had compiled the best photos from my popular Morocco trip into a post (the answer was “no”), I felt I’d made a major oversight.

These pictures, taken many years ago by a person significantly less experienced and skilled than the one who writes this today, speak as much to the impression Morocco left on me as they do to the timeless quality of the beauty the country exudes. Morocco continues to move rapidly into the 21st century, but marries its past with its present and future in a way almost nowhere else in the world does, with the exception, perhaps, of Japan.

From the busy souks of Marrakech, to the mysterious coastline of Essaouira; and over the Atlas Mountains into the Sahara Desert and then back across Morocco’s fertile central valley to the baby-blue hill town of Chefchaouen, this visual impression of Morocco takes you on a trip that doesn’t have a date stamp. It’s the same sort of enchantment I imagine people have felt for generations when dreaming about Morocco, even long before modern photography came into practice, and all they had to fuel their imaginations was conjecture and mythology.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking through these pictures as much as I enjoyed assembling the collection for you. But more than that, I hope they’ll inspire you to visit Morocco—I know they’ve made me seriously consider expediting my return to the country.

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