Is your next stop Cambodia? Check out the advice, stories and tips I can offer after my February 2010 trip there, which saw me visit the city of Siem Reap and surrounding tourist destinations like Angkor Wat and Ta Promh.

Is Angkor Wat Worth The Fuss?

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The crowds you encounter if you visit Angkor Wat these days are more befitting of Disneyland than semi-rural Southeast Asia.

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Beautiful lotus in Cambodia

Money and Costs in Cambodia

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With the exception of tickets to enter famous attractions like Angkor Wat, costs of travel in Cambodia are cheap enough that you can easily subsist on under $30 per day.

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Siem Reap’s Permanent Chill

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If you plan to visit Angkor Wat, arrange to spend at least a complete day and evening exploring the town of Siem Reap, a perfect antidote to the hustle-bustle you endure getting to and through ancient cities and temples that surround it.

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Scam-Free Travel to Cambodia from Thailand

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Avoid getting talked into scams in Bangkok and other places along the road to Cambodia to save yourself time, money and perhaps most importantly, your sanity.

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