The Great Lavender Schism

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I didn’t ever end up finding the rolling fields of lavender that had motivated me to visit the south of France – but I found something much better.

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10 Days in Romania

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10 days isn’t enough time to see all of Romania, but it does allow you to get a great overview of the Land of Dracula.

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Europe’s Cheapest Countries

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It’s still possible to enjoy cheap holidays in many European countries, giving you the opportunity to explore cities, nature and heritage without breaking the bank.

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25 Photos That Will Make You Want to Travel Europe by Train

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I couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate #eurobert than with photos that not only capture my rapidly-changing geography, but the people I met along the way and my state of mind and heart.

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Oriente Station Lisbon

Are Eurail Passes Worth It?

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Do Eurail passes actually save you money? And how flexible are they, anyway?

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Is Spain a Budget Destination?

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As my Zürich-bound plane took off from Madrid’s Barajas Airport, I had reached a surprising conclusion: Spain is quite cheap — as European destinations go, anyway.

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Bird perched on top of Greek Orthodox statue in Athens, Greece

Crisis Averted

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Signs of the so-called “financial collapse” in Greece were far fewer in number than all of the timeless beauty I encountered traveling through the birthplace of Western civilization.

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