What do a 90s R&B girl group and Cuba’s most touristy town have in common?

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Thanks to balmy, sunny weather, lighter crowds at popular attractions and lower rates on accommodation, L.A. makes the perfect winter getaway.

Havana is a city on the cusp of change – and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Whether you visit in spring, summer, autumn or winter, Ocean City is an idyllic respite. Here are my tips for Ocean City in any season.

Three days in Seoul will provide you with mere impressions of the city: Panoramas of skyscrapers rolling over hills like waves of concrete and steel; flashes of neon light reflecting in rivers and streams; and aromas of Korean BBQ in the air all around you.

Attempting to see everything within Rome’s city limits would ultimately be in vain, so you might as well set your sights slightly outside them.

Hint: It’s not rich parents, “white privilege” or any of the other gobbledygook you’ve heard or might assume.