Headed to Egypt? Check out the advice, stories and tips I can offer after my September 2011 trip there, which saw me visit the cities of Aswan, Alexandria, Cairo and Luxor, travel the Nile river by Felucca and visit iconic tourist destinations like Abu Simbel Temple, Karnak and the Pyramids of Giza.

Ras Mohammed National Park in Sinai, Egypt

Where to Hit the Red Sea in Sinai

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Whether you want award-winning scuba diving or just some beach time before you head to Cairo, spend at least a few days exploring the beaches of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.

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Tourists on a felucca Nile river sailboat in Egypt

Sailing the Nile the Old School Way

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If you visit Egypt and don’t spend at least one night aboard a felucca as it sails up the Nile, you will have missed out on one of the most euphoric, relaxing experiences in the world.

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Exploring The Other Pyramids

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Visit the “step” pyramid at Saqarra and the “bent” and “red” pyramids in Dashur to get pieces of the pyramid puzzle most visitors to Egypt miss.

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