Three Splendid Days in Shanghai

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Whether you’re going as part of a larger trip to China or just because, three days in Shanghai is all you need for a proper introduction.

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Three Days in Beijing

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All you need to find out if Beijing is your type of city is a taste – and you can get a sumptuous sampling of China’s capital in just three days.

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You’ve Never Seen Winter Like This Before

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Visiting China’s Harbin Ice Festival was a surreal, magical experience – and not just because it broke one of my life’s most debilitating existential barriers.

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Enemy Image

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Today’s post is an ode to Beijing – and to myself.

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Pearl of the Orient

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To honor the five year anniversary of my move to Shanghai – and the difficulties I faced while living there – I traveled back to the city to make peace.

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Trip Ideas: China 101

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This China travel itinerary is by no means the only way to go about a two- or three-week trip to China, but it does provide you with a travel template I have personally tested and enjoyed.

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Shanghai Lujiazui skyline

Why I Love and Hate Shanghai

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In Shanghai, opportunity looms low in the air like the city’s perpetual pollution haze, but both eventually become suffocating.

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Picture of a Chinese visa

How to Get Your Chinese Visa

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Airlines won’t even let you on the plane without a valid China visa, so get the China visa you need in plenty of time for departure.

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