Headed to Switzerland? Check out the advice, stories and tips I can offer thanks to my many trips there, which have seen me visit the cities of Baden, Bern, Luzern and Zürich, hike the Swiss alps at Melchsee-Frutt and camp at Montreux near Lake Geneva.

4 Surprising Spots on my Switzerland Bucket List

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I’ve spent a lot of time in Switzerland, and probably understand the country on a deeper level than the average non-Swiss person, but there are still tons of well-known places I need to visit.

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Three Days in Zurich

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If you play your cards right—and read my recommendations below—I imagine you’ll fall in love with Switzerland’s largest city a lot faster than I did.

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Me and the Mountain

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I celebrated my 30th birthday in the Swiss Alps – and not just because of the world-class skiing.

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Skyline of Bern Switzerland

Busted For Weed in Switzerland

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Never assume you’ll get away with doing something illegal in even liberal foreign countries.

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Modernity at Uetliberg Party

Is Switzerland a Boring Place to Visit?

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If you can deal with sky-high prices and the occasional cold-shouldered local, you’ll be surprised at how stimulating an experience traveling in Switzerland can be.

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Renegade Piece

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“Usually,” Bianca said, “Swiss people sit as far away from others as they can. The train is completely full now, so that’s really not possible.”

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