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My name is Robert. I started this blog to inform, inspire, entertain and empower travelers like you. Scroll down to read my latest blog posts, or click through the menu at the top of the page to explore the rest of the site.

Hiroshima, Japan

If you're considering a trip to Hiroshima and it's convenient for you to visit, I definitely suggest you come here, if only to see if for yourself and to form your opinion.

Robert Schrader in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is about carving your own path through the history, heritage and chaos, not following the established tourist trail.

Robert Schrader in Yakushima, Japan

Yakushima differs profoundly from everywhere else I've seen in Japan, yet I can't help but wonder if the spirits of its ancient forests transformed me in a deeper way.

Child in Thailand

When you go "honeyteering," you celebrate your new life with your spouse – and give someone else a reason to celebrate in the process. Enter to win your free honeyteering trip today!

Tokyo, Japan

If you're interested to learn how I spent my time in Tokyo, or you're simply trying to decide how many days to spend there, today's post will assuage your curiosity – in brilliant technicolor, of course.

Rio de Janeiro

Headed to Rio this summer? Check out this awesome article about things to do in Rio in summer, the best time to visit this Brazilian paradise.