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My name is Robert. I started this blog to inform, inspire, entertain and empower travelers like you. Scroll down to read my latest blog posts, or click through the menu at the top of the page to explore the rest of the site.

The Caucasus
Dresden Germany garden

Whether you're looking for where to go on your next trip to Europe, or simply need an exciting distraction from your day, here's the 411 on some lesser-known European treasures.

Cheap Flights

Since the health of my bank account depends upon being able to find cheap flights on a regular basis, I thought I'd compile my best airfare booking practices into a post.

Ipanema Beach

Brazil is a country where danger lurks around every corner, but you dance to meet him; where nothing works, but everything feels so damn good.

Robert Schrader in Vietnam

Although none of the embarrassing, sloppily-written posts I made four years ago are still online, I consider this day to be my blogiversary.

Fruit Seller in Largo de Machado, Rio de Janeiro

Follow this itinerary exactly for a standalone three-week trip to Brazil, or use it as a framework for the Brazil portion of your larger South America trip.

London Double-Decker Bus

London was the first foreign city I ever visited, but I only did super-touristy things the first time I was there. Here are some more unique ones!