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7 Cities I Don’t Consider Worth Visiting

7 Cities I Don’t Consider Worth Visiting

I try not to be overtly negative on this blog, which might make it seem strange that I would make a list of the most boring cities in the world. After all, what point could such a post have, other than to discourage people to travel or simply be mean about places I’ve visited and disliked?

I contemplated this today as I was revising the text—my previous article about the most boring city in the world was extremely outdated, to say nothing of how much more I’ve traveled since then. How can I share the information people seem to want (literally thousands per month perform searches on this query) without being petty or negative?

The conclusion I came to was that rather than simply rounding up the most boring places in the world and talking about why I dislike them, I would make my case a bit more rationally. Finally, I’ll spotlight some destinations that are decidedly not boring, so we can end this discussion on a positive note.

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What Makes a City “Boring”?

There’s not one single factor that qualifies a place to be listed among the most boring cities in the world. Rather, these spots share a few qualities, including the following:

  • An ugly cityscape or boring nature around the city center
  • Lack of interesting or easily accessible attractions
  • Pollution or perpetual bad weather
  • Boring or non-existent cultural scene
  • Hype to which it does not live up

Now, as far as which urban area I consider to be the most boring city in the world? Let’s talk through a few of the contenders, shall we?

The Most Boring Cities in the World (for Me)

Agra, India


Agra is the city closest to the famous Taj Mahal, so you might be perplexed why I could list it among boring cities in the world. However, if you remove the Taj (and some other attractions, including Agra Fort), then this dusty dot on the map is relatively anonymous, to say nothing of how chaotic and stressful attempting to do anything here can be. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Agra is my least favorite city in India!

Brisbane, Australia


Australia is one of the most captivating countries in the world, so it might surprise you that one of the contenders for the most boring place in the world sits within its border. Here’s the dirty secret about Australia: While landscapes like the Great Barrier Reef and Red Center are among the most magnificent on the planet, many Australian cities are cultural wastelands. Brisbane is not without redemption, of course, but it’s definitely the most boring of Australia’s major cities.

Bucharest, Romania


In addition to being one of the more boring places I’ve visited during my extensive travels, Romania’s capital just feels cold to me. I’m not sure if it’s the high proportion of Soviet-era architecture, the lack of interesting tourist attractions or the fact that the Lipscani old town is so underwhelming. It could simply be that certain other destinations in Romania (namely Brasov and surrounding Transylvania) are so lovely. In either case, I don’t think you’ll ever see me back in Bucharest!

Haifa, Israel


Of course, beauty does not preclude a place from being among the most boring cities in the world. Case in point: Haifa, Israel. Though the Baha’i Gardens are one of the most beautiful green spaces in the world, and the highest neighborhoods of this city offer priceless views of the Mediterranean, there is just nothing remarkable or interesting about this city—at least not for visitors. I think students and beneficiaries of the world famous Technion University would disagree!

Mexico City, Mexico


When I first wrote my article expressing my disappointment with Mexico City, many of my readers took offense. Rather than describing Mexico’s capital as being, perhaps, the most boring place on Earth, they responded as if I were personally attacking one of their family members. While I can’t say, in retrospect, that Mexico City is a terrible place, I will say that they hype I heard about it before visiting was the most opposed to my actual experience of being there of anywhere else I’ve been.

Oslo, Norway


If you want to avoid boring places to go, make sure to cross Norway’s capital off your list. In contrast to the country’s fjords and even the west coast city of Bergen, Oslo offers little to travelers to justify its sky-high price tag, unless you’re into sterile and grey architecture, derivative hipster cafés and street art and way too many museums per square miles than I’ve ever desired to say. Did I mention the cost? Oh, I did? Let me say it again.

Vientiane, Laos


Rounding out the list of boring places in the world is one of Southeast Asia’s most lackluster capital cities: Vientiane, Laos. Lacking both the natural beauty of destinations deeper into Laos, as well as the color and chaos of cities like Bangkok, Hanoi or even Kuala Lumpur, Vientiane is a place I hope you never get stuck. If you do it will likely be on a visa run from Thailand to Laos or en route to greener pastures farther north, so at least your misery will be temporary.

Are There Entire Boring Countries?

Now that we’ve talked about the most boring cities in the world, the next logical step would be to discuss whether there are entire countries that are boring. The general answer to this question, of course, is no: It’s very unlikely that an entire country would be boring, even if one, most or all of the cities in it are rather boring. Nature is always fascinating, at the very least, to say nothing about how subjective “boring” is—even if half of the experiences in a place are boring to me, many people will still find them interesting.

There are exceptions to this rule, of course, or at least places I’ve visited that make me think twice about my declaration. For example, while neither Singapore nor Bandar Seri Begawan are what I would call the most boring city in the world, they’re both relatively pedestrian destinations as compared to the rest of Southeast Asia. Since Singapore, the city, is its own country (and since Brunei is little more than mangroves and beaches around the capital), I would understand if you considered either of these countries to be boring.

The Most Exciting Destinations in the World

Now that I’ve droned on about the most boring places in the world for a dozen paragraphs, allow me to share with you some of my very favorite places to visit. In no particular order, these are my favorite 10 cities in the world:

Of course, just as a country having the most boring city in the world doesn’t necessarily make it boring, some countries are incredible in spite of having no stand-out cities. Some examples of these places for me include Myanmar, New Zealand and Switzerland, to name just a few.

FAQ About Boring Cities Around the World

What is the most boring city in the United States?

Some of the most boring cities in the United States include Wichita, Kansas, Charlotte, NC and Phoenix, AZ, at least as far as medium- to large-sized cities are concerned. Many smaller cities in the US completely lack personality and character, in my opinion.

What is the most boring city in Europe?

Many people regard cities such as Munich, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland to be the most boring cities in Europe. Personally, I find Bucharest, Romania to be the most boring city in the world.

What is the ugliest city in the world?

Although I personally like the Serbian capital, Belgrade is definitely a contender to be the ugliest city in the world. I also find cities like Berlin and Tel Aviv to be pretty hideous, even though both are relatively interesting in their own right.

The Bottom Line

Thanks for reading my article about the top 10 most boring cities in the world, which I recently revised due to popular demands. Rather than just a laundry list of things I dislike about particular world cities, I’ve tried to make this article more balanced and informative, so that it inspires you to travel somewhere, rather than discouraging you from traveling anywhere. Want to take an epic trip that’s anything but boring? Consider hiring me as your Travel Coach, and let me sweat the details of planning an adventure you won’t soon forget!


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